Name day of Spriditis

Weightlifting competition “Name day of Spriditis” took place in the Nature park in Tervete on 23.08.2020. The competition included two disciplines – deadlift and bench press. Weightlifters from all the Baltic states fought for the victory. Edgars Ratnieks, operator of “Energy Resources CHP” was among the winners; he won the 3rd absolute place in the bench press with the result 220 kg! He also reached the honourable 4th place in the deadlift after lifting 315 kg. As Edgars says, old traumas reminded of themselves therefore he couldn’t get ready for the competition as good as he wanted.

Edgars thanks the management of the company for moral and material support that enables him to develop, get stronger and to represent our country and company in different competitions, including international ones. We are very happy for Edgar’s achievements and wish him never stop on his way to success!

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