Support of a perspective volleyball team

We are really happy and pleased to have the opportunity to support new volleyball talents from the RSV / LU team of the Riga Volleyball School this year.

Riga Volleyball School was founded in 1971. Currently, the school employs 22 coaches who train both beach and classic volleyball. Classes take place in all districts of Riga, where more than 500 students learn volleyball skills.

The RVS / LU team is made up of the most talented students of all coaches, creating a team of Riga Volleyball School. In September 2020, cooperation with the University of Latvia was concluded, therefore the most talented players of the LU team joined the team. 5 years ago, the team started from the very beginning – participated in the Enthusiasts Volleyball League. Every year, performance improved and new, more ambitious goals were set. In the season 2019/2020, the team won the Latvian Volleyball Championship, the Latvian Volleyball Cup, and won the Baltic Volleyball League. All this success was won despite the fact that most of the team had not yet reached the age of 18. Both last season and this season, RVS / LU was the only Latvian team (both women’s and men’s) to start in the prestigious CEV Challenge Cup in volleyball.

The head coach of the team is Andrejs Odinokovs, but the assistant coach is Paveļs Selivanovs.

We wish the team good luck, more and more achievements and victories!

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