About NewFuels

In the distance of 242 km from Riga, 685 km from Moscow, and 450 km from St.Petersburg at the cross of two significant lines of communication, namely motorways and railways of Riga-Moscow and St.Petersburg-Warsaw, lies the 7th largest city of Latvia – Rezekne, where Rezekne Special Economic Zone (RSEZ) has been launched and consists of 18 commercial enterprises.

Since 2010 the pellet plant of SIA “NewFuels” has been operating here and now has become the largest producer of wood pellets in Latvia. The pellet plant currently has a production capacity of circa 240 000 metric tons per annum.

In 2015 an ambitious expansion was carried out thus doubling the plant’s capacity as well as providing the possibility for NewFuels to produce both industrial and household pellets. The Plant has been 100% financed from foreign investment, which to date totals 3 557 179 EUR.  This investment is currently one of the  largest investments made in Latgale region.

SIA “NewFuels” RSEZ carries out its activities in accordance with the highest industry requirements and has received all necessary quality certificates – SBP (Sustainable Biomass Partnership), EnPlus A2, GGL (Green Gold Label) and FSC Control.

Address: Atbrīvošanas aleja 169a, Rēzekne, LV-4604, Latvia.

The aim of the plant is to produce ecologically clean and economically reasonable source of energy using the forestry residues in its production.

The technological process starts by sorting the hardwood and softwood. After that the firewood passes through a chipper and is turned into chips which further are flaked and purified from contamination. Then this material is delivered to one of two dryers in order to remove excess moisture prior to pressing into pellets. Chips from forestry residues are also used in the furnace to produce heat for the drying. After passing through various technological processes the material arrives at the pelletizers and is pressed into pellets with a circumference of either 6 mm or 8 mm pellets.

The production equipment has been purchased from the leading international companies in their respective fields of expertise as follows:

The chipper – CBI Magnum Force (42 tons) has been purchased from „Continental Biomass Industries, Inc.” (USA). It is powered by an electrical motor with 800 KW and has a capacity of 300m3 of chips per hour.

The producer of the flaker is German company “Maier” and total capacity of flakers provides the preparation of high quality raw material for entire production.

The supplier of almost 100 m long belt dryer is “Swiss Combi” (Switzerland) and its capacity reaches up to 14 t/h of dried material. The heat is provided by related company SIA “Energy Resources CHP” RSEZ biomass cogeneration plant.

The rotary drying drum – supplied by „Vandenbroek International” (the Netherlands) with a processing capacity of up to 17 tons of dry material per hour. The required level of  heat is being supplied by NewFuels’ 17 MW biomass furnace.

The furnace – was supplied by „Järnforsen Energy System AB” (Sweden).

The pelletizers were supplied by CPM (California Pellet Mills). The main equipment is connected with PST conveyors. The plant currently operates with two separate lines and total pellet production capacity is up to 33 tons of wood pellets per hour.

The equipment of NEDERMAN and MORILLON is also involved in the production.

The plant corresponds with the highest fire safety requirements: the plant is equipped with the systems of FIREFLY and BUTTNER.

Front loaders and grab handlers VOLVO and LIEBHERR are involved and truck SCANIA is used for moving the material.

Wood pellets are accumulated in silos and then transported to sea ports via railway.

The company directly employs 61 people at the “NewFuels” and 11 people at the “Energy Resources CHP”. It supports many other local businesses who benefit from the activity of pellet plant by either being involved in the supply of raw material or the provision of various other commercial related services.

Awards:The economic contribution to the city of Rezekne and investments have been recognised by Rezekne City Council thus company has received different awards:

  • Rezekne City Council awarded the company a prize for being the fastest growing company in 2011. The company also received an award from Rezekne Special Economic Zone for the significant contribution to the development of NewFuels.
  • In 2012 SIA NewFuels RSEZ received the appreciations in nominations ”The largest exporter”  and “The largest investments” among the large / medium enterprises. Rezekne Special Economic Zone (RSEZ) have awarded NewFuels first place in the competition for Company of The Year 2012.  NewFuels won in the category for medium sized enterprises.
  • In  2013 the NewFuels received the appreciation for being largest exporter and the most socially responsible enterprise in Rezekne
  • On August 22, 2014 the pellet plant NewFuels has been granted several awards among the group of large/medium companies  – 1st place within the nomination “The Largest Exporter”, 2nd place within the following nominations:  “The Most Rapidly Growing  Company”, “The Producer of The Year”,  “The Largest Taxpayer”, “The Investment of The Year”. In the competition for the Grant of The Year NewFuels received the acknowledgement for having the most socially responsible entrepreneurship.
  • On October 31, 2014 within the frame of annual exhibition “Rezekne Entrepreneur” Rezekne City Council awarded NewFuels with recognition of  “Socially most responsible enterprise of the year and export contributor”.
  • On July 24, 2015 “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA received Certificate of Recognition for the contribution of RSEZ development in 2014 and the 1st place in the nomination “The Most Rapidly Growing Enterprise”; 2ndplace in the nomination “The Producer of the Year”; 3rd place in the nomination “The Investment of the Year” and “The Biggest Exporter”.
  • On August 12, 2016 at the ceremonial event of Rezekne Special Economic Zone the awards for the winners of the Year Award for RSEZ companies were presented already for the fifth year. Evaluating the figures of 2015, the award of the “Company of the Year” was granted to NewFuels. The company received the following gratifications: 1st place in the nominations “The Investment of the Year” and “The Most Rapidly Growing Enterprise”, 2nd place in the nominations “The Largest Tax Payer” and “The Largest Exporter”, 2nd place in the nomination “The Producer of the Year” within the group of large/medium sized commercial companies. In accordance with the initiative of the social partners the company is awarded with the Certificate of Recognition “For Promoting the Employment”. Atmosclear CHP has got the Certificates of Recognition for “The Most Rapid Start” and “The Investment in the Development of Rezekne Special Economic Zone in 2015”. The company got 1st place in the nominations: “The Producer of the Year”, “The Investment of the Year” and “The Innovation of the Year”, 2nd place in the nomination “The Largest Tax Payer” within the group of small sized commercial companies.

Visitors: The development of the company in Rezekne has not only been noticed by the local people, but has also attracted guests from many distant places as follows:

  • In February 2010, The USA Ambassador in Latvia Mrs Judith Garber visited the company (the guests from USA Embassy have visited us several times);
  • In June 2011, The Prime Minister Mr Valdis Dombrovskis visited the site;
  • In October 2011, The Company was visited by the delegation of diplomats from different Embassies in Latvia;
  • In February 2012, The President of the Republic of Latvia showed interest about pellet production on site;
  • In May 2012, the specialists from Committees of EU Structural fund and Cohesion fund observed the pellet production process;
  • Our pellet plant has also been visited by representatives from Rezekne City Council, Rezekne University as well as many other guests.