On 23 November 2018 a contract was concluded with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency about implementing the ERAF project “Implementation of experimental technology in the production of NewFuels RSEZ SIA for producing the high-quality pellets”.

The aim of the project is to raise productivity and competitiveness of NewFuels RSEZ SIA by significant modernizing of the production technology that will enable producing premium pellets class A1 as well as by increasing investments in researches, development and innovations accordingly the Smart specialization strategy and creating one new workplace for researches and development.

The modernization process involves the introduction of a new technological process consisting of two lines:

  1. Experimental innovative line for heating using fuel of high ash content for manufacturing a new product.
  2. An equipment complex for maturation/condensation of the new product.

The total cost of the project is EUR 3 040 764,93. The eligible costs of the project are EUR 2 073 826,00, ERAF funding is EUR 933 221,70.