ISO 37001 Anti-corruption policy


The approved anti-corruption policy at NewFuels has been developed in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 37001 and national regulatory enactments, is based on an analysis of the current situation and sets a strategic goal and sub-goals for anti-corruption activities and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The aim of the strategy is to ensure the fair, legal use of the position entrusted to the company’s full-time employees, management staff in the interests of the company, setting the policy and priority directions of anti-corruption measures.

To achieve this goal, six sub-goals have been identified:

  1. To ensure useful and lawful handling of the company’s property, information, business management and strategy objectives, business and market partners, parties involved and interested in the activities of the company;
  2. To ensure the “transparency” of raw materials, production fixed assets, public procurements;
  3. To implement an open and effective personnel selection and management policy;
  4. To reduce the possibility of conflict of interest of company officials;
  5. To ensure appropriate and open environmental management and communication with the local government, the quality of provided services;
  6. To improve the corruption prevention system, its monitoring and control.