ISO 50001:2018 Energy efficiency policy

The main purpose of measures to optimise energy efficiency is reducing power consumption during the production process. Company management applies an energy management system in order to accomplish its goal of improving energy efficiency based on criteria defined by the Company. The goals are set by the Company annually.

Analysis and assessment of power consumption and energy conservation activities is performed on an annual basis, along with goal-setting for the following year.

Company management provides the necessary information, material and human resources to implement planned activities for improved production process energy efficiency. Further, comprehensive and adequate notification of all stakeholders about the plans and accomplished results in this regard is provided.

Company management ensures meticulous compliance with legal regulations and rules for energy accounting and energy savings.

The Company management’s mission in terms of energy efficiency is updated regularly to reflect the energy management procedures introduced within the Company.

Management ensures the efficient operation and development of its energy management system in accordance with LVS EN ISO 50001:2018.