About company

About “Energy Resources CHP” SIA RSEZ

The biggest biomass cogeneration station in Latgale started the work in August, 2015.

The investments of the company are 12.5 million EUR and are the biggest in Latgale in this economic sector.

The electric power of the station is 3.1 MWt, but the heat capacity – 10.7 MWt. The heat produced by the station is redirected to the belt dryer of the “NewFuels” SIA RSEZ but the electricity is redirected to the State electrical network.

The cogeneration station produces the electricity and heat using renewable local resources and biomass (chips, shavings and wood bark).

Engineering, supply and setup of the equipment was done by HoSt B.V. and SIA “HoSt Latvia”.

The equipment of the station:

  • High-pressure boiler “Stork” (the Netherlands” with the capacity: 14.4 MWt, steam production: 17.67 t/h.
  • Tiered steam turbine “M+M” (Germany).
  • Control and automation equipment from the company “Siemens”.
  • Feed pumps – “SIHI Sterling” (Germany).
  • Furnace “Tamult” (Estonia) with the capacity of 16.4 MWt.


  • On 7th September, 2017 during the ceremonial event “Rezekne SEZ – with a view to the future” within the group of small sized commercial companies “Energy Resources CHP” RSEZ SIA received the award “The Company of the Year” and became the best in the following nominations: 1st place in nominations “The Producer of the Year”, “The Largest Tax Payer” and “The Most Socially Responsible Enterprise” and 2nd place in nomination “The Most Rapidly Growing Enterprise”.
  • Awards ceremony of the largest tax payers in 2016 was held on 30th of March, 2017 in Riga. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Finance Dana Reizniece-Ozola, general director of the State Revenue Service Ilze Cīrule and partners.

Prizes and Certificates of appreciation were assigned to the largest tax payers in groups of small, medium and big tax payers of every region of Latvia.

“Energy Resources CHP” SIA RSEZ received honours in the nomination “The largest tax payer within the group of the small tax payers in Latgale region”.

  • On August 12, 2016 at the ceremonial event of Rezekne Special Economic Zone the awards for the winners of the Year Award for RSEZ companies were presented already for the fifth year. “Energy Resources CHP” SIA RSEZ (Then – “Atmosclear CHP”) has got the Certificates of Recognition for “The Most Rapid Start” and “The Investment in the Development of Rezekne Special Economic Zone in 2015”.

The company got the 1st place in the nominations: “The Producer of the Year”, “The Investment of the Year” and “The Innovation of the Year”, the 2nd place in the nomination “The Largest Tax Payer” within the group of small sized commercial companies.