Rewards Of Rezekne Special Economic Zone For Performance In 2015

On Friday, August 12, 2016 at the ceremonial event of Rezekne Special Economic Zone the awards for the winners of the Year Award for RSEZ companies were presented already for the fifth year. Evaluating the figures of 2015, the award of the “Company of the Year” was granted to “NewFuels” RSEZ SIA. The company received the following gratifications: 1st place in the nominations “The Investment of the Year” and “The Most Rapidly Growing Enterprise”, 2nd place in the nominations “The Largest Tax Payer” and “The Largest Exporter”, 2nd place in the nomination “The Producer of the Year” within the group of large/medium sized commercial companies. In accordance with the initiative of the social partners the company is awarded with the Certificate of Recognition “For Promoting the Employment”. The company made more than 7.7 million EUR investments in 2015 and its total turnover was 15.4 million EUR.

“Atmosclear CHP” RSEZ SIA has got the Certificates of Recognition for “The Most Rapid Start” and “The Investment in the Development of Rezekne Special Economic Zone in 2015”. The company got 1st place in the nominations: “The Producer of the Year”, “The Investment of the Year” and “The Innovation of the Year”, 2nd place in the nomination “The Largest Tax Payer” within the group of small sized commercial companies.